Gemma Sparkes asked 
How did you stay motivated when you felt like quitting?
I loved boxing enough to continue even when the going got tough. 

Martin Dobbing asked How badly weight drained were you against Bueno?
I could hardly open my eyes, couldn’t walk very far. I wanted to drink the toilet water. I was surviving on ice cubes and egg whites in the lead up to the fight!

Sean Kelly asked Do u think a slight change of tactics against Casamayor u could have won gold or was he just too good?
The fight was close. The first round was pretty even but the computers had him up by 5 points. In the second round he fractured my cheekbone in three places – an injury I’d gone into the final with from the semi final fight! I ran through him in the last round and won it on the computer scores. Maybe I should’ve started earlier but the pain in my face was unbearable and I probably should’ve been pulled out in the second round but there’s no way I was letting that happen.

Edward Niblock asked You have never been knocked down or stopped in your boxing career, so if you could time travel back to your hay day, who would you most like to fight. Present day fighters included lol
Orlando Canizales was always someone I wanted to fight but I’d have fought anyone in my division. Heck I’d have fought Mike Tyson if I could’ve for the fight sanctioned!

Chris Egan asked Was there any opponent you really disliked?? I know you and Naz exchanged a few words but uz seemed to do it tongue in cheek.
Johnny Bredahl. He was extremely disrespectful to me prior to the fight and I was raging when the ref stopped the fight. I really wanted to knock him out. Hamed was Hamed. He tried to get under my skin, but he couldn’t.