Amateur Career

Amateur career – 319-11


McCullough had a very successful amateur career, amassing a record of 319 wins and 11 defeats, with over 100 wins coming by way of knockout. As an amateur living in the staunchly loyalist Shankill Road area of Belfast, McCullough was selected by the island-wide Irish Amateur Boxing Association to participate in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, and was asked to carry the Irish flag because he was the youngest member of the team at 18 years old. He went on to win a silver medal for Ireland at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. Representing Northern Ireland at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland, he won a gold medal and carried the Northern Ireland flag in the closing ceremony. The medal ceremony for his Commonwealth title was marked by an unusual incident. A technical problem with the public address system made it impossible to play the recording of the song “Danny Boy”, used instead of an anthem for medalists from Northern Ireland. The New Zealand official in charge of the sound, Bob Gibson, promptly took the microphone and sang the song unaccompanied. In 1990, McCullough also won Bronze for Ireland at the Boxing World Cup in Mumbai, India.

1988 | Olympic Games

  • Representing Ireland at Light Flyweight, in the Seoul Olympic Games. Results were:
    • First Round bye
    • Defeated Fred Mutuweta Uganda – Points
    • Lost to Scotty Olson Canada – Points

1990 | Commonwealth Games

  • Representing Northern Ireland at Flyweight and winning Gold, in the Aukland Commonwealth Games. Results were:
    • Defeated Benjamin Mwangata Tanzania – Points
    • Defeated Maurice Maina Kenya – Points
    • Defeated Nokuthula Tshabangu Zimbabwe – Points

1990 | World Cup

  • Representing Ireland at Flyweight and winning Bronze, in the Mumbai World Cup. Results were:
    • Defeated Manoj Pingle India – Points
    • Defeated D.K. Park South Korea – Points
    • Lost to Serafim Todorov Bulgaria – Points
    • Defeated Fred Mutuweta Uganda – Points

1991 | World Championships

  • Representing Ireland at Bantamweight, in the Sydney World Championships. Results were:
    • Defeated Felipe Costa Portugal – TKO (Round 2)
    • Defeated Joseph Zabakly Australia – Points
    • Lost to Enrique Carrion Cuba – Points

1992 | Olympic Games

  • Representing Ireland at Bantamweight and winning Silver, in the Barcelona Olympic Games. Results were:
    • Defeated Fred Mutuweta Uganda – Points
    • Defeated Ahmed Abbood Iraq – Points
    • Defeated Mohammed Sabo Nigeria – Points
    • Defeated Gwang-Sik Li North Korea – Points
    • Lost to Joel Casamayor Cuba – Points